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Anton Chekov's "The Bear" and "The Proposal"

Date: Wednesday 12th October

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Rathfarnham Castle

Price: €10/€8


Enjoy an evening of theatre in the stunningly restored ballroom setting of Rathfarnham Castle. Performed by True Voice Theatre, these two one-act comic plays by Anton Cechov explore the farcical nature of societal convention. Written over one hundred years ago these hilarious plays still ring true in modern day society.

At the end of the event the cast and director will open the floor to a Q&A session with the audience.

 ‘The Bear’ 

Elena Popova has locked herself in and is in mourning for her philandering husband who has died seven months ago, when along comes the handsome but uncouth Smirnov demanding her husband’s debt be paid. She insists that she cannot pay today and he will not leave unless he is paid today. Both are trapped in their past but find that in the heat of the argument, passion surfaces. Don't miss this romantic and funny play about love and marriage vows.

‘The Proposal’ 

Ivan Vassilevitch, a local landowner, has come to the house of Stepan Stepanovitch to ask for his daughter, Natalya’s, hand in marriage. Both Ivan and Natalya appear to have been unsuccessful in love to date and would seem on the surface to be a perfect match. However, petty rivalries and personality clashes cause mayhem and distract them from what they truly desire. Will they ever manage to see the wood from the trees? This hilarious farce sheds a light on ownership, the silliness of one-upmanship and how sometimes we can be our own worst enemy.