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The Tread Song exhibition has been organised by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland The work in the Thread Song exhibition includes:

“Love Knot” by Geraldine Beirne, an embroidered work depicting a knot in a tree, inspired by Yeats’ iconic poem/song Down by the Sally Gardens.

“Clooth-na- bare” & “Crazy Jane” by Hilary Bell, felt and stitched pieces based on the legend of Clooth-na- Bare who went all over the world searching for a lake deep enough to drown herself in to escape the faery life of which she had grown tired.

“Lichen lattice” by Amy Brannigan, inspired by the distinctive frond growths found in the grounds of Coole Park and Thoor Ballylee, south Galway.

“Iarmhaireacht” by Patricia Cox inspired by the Yeats’ poem The Song of Wandering Aengus.

“Faceless Executions” by Marie Danaher, an organic wall hanging inspired by the poem Easter 1916.

“The glimmering girl with apple blossoms in her hair“ by Ethelda Ellis also inspired by The song of Wondering Aengus using a “confetti” quilt technique.

“Celestial” by Theresa Kelly, using gossamer threads of the traditional Carrickmacross lace technique to represent the delicacy yet strength in Yeats' words in The Rose of Battle

“The Fascination of What's Difficult” by Frances Leach, a piece stitched on paper inspired by the Yeats’ poem The Fascination of What's Difficult.